Thursday, 14 June 2018

YouGov survey

Hi! So, esok kita akan menyambut Hari Raya AidilFitri 1439H. Alhamdulillah, moga amalan kita semua di bulan Ramadhan 1439H diterima oleh Allah S.W.T., in sha Allah.

Ada yang plan nak travel atau memang dah ready nak travel di bulan Syawal nanti? Syok la ampa. Saya harap suatu hari nanti saya pun berkesempatan untuk travel di bulan Syawal. Sambil tu bolehlah menikmati sendiri kemeriahan dan keunikan Syawal di tempat orang, kan?

Before ni saya pernah share pasal YouGov survey; iaitu cara mudah untuk mengumpul Bigpoint AirAsia. Boleh refer post sebelum ni:- YouGov survey - Cara mudah mendapatkan AirAsia Big points.

Saya bukan nak bercerita cara nak join YouGov ke apa sebab dah share dalam previous post. So, korang bolehlah tekan link di atas dan baca cara-caranya. Sekarang ni, saya nak 'goda' korang untuk join YouGov.


Jawab survey, kumpul point, dah cukup 5000 points for YouGov, korang boleh redeem 2500 AirAsia bigpoint. Siapa je nak bagi weh?

Redeem jangan tak redeem ;)

Points biasanya masuk less than 2 weeks

Nak dapat extra points tanpa perlu jawab survey tak? Once korang join YouGov, korang akan dapat your own unique referral URL; di mana bila ada orang join YouGov through your unique referral, and that person berjaya jawab 6 surveys, maka korang akan secara automatik mendapat 200 YouGov points. Itu kalau seorang. Kalau 5 orang? Dah dapat 1000 points. Kalau 25 orang? Dah boleh redeem 2500 AirAsia bigpoint. Best kan kan kan? 

Cepatlah register your YouGov account now! Boleh klik link di bawah. Hurry!

Ni 3rd time redeem AA bigpoints since join YouGov earlier last year.

So, amacam? Tergoda tak? Hee.

Jangan tunggu lagi. Cepat, register your YouGov account now!

Okies. Ni sajalah nak share salah satu kelebihan kumpul AirAsia bigpoint ni. Rasanya hampir semua tau, lebih-lebih lagi travellers tegar. Tapi tak apa, meh saya share my own experience.

Bulan Mac haritu, geng rapat universiti kitorang buat simple reunion dekat KL while I'm here in Kuching. Yang lagi 5 orang semua ada di KL. Last minute pulak, seminggu sebelum tarikh reunion baru decide nak buat. Kalau usha tiket AA dekat website, paling murah pun dalam RM129/way masa tu. Kalau return flights? Almost RM300! Nampak macam sikit, tapi bagi student macam saya, RM300 tu sangat banyak weh! Boleh buat belanja sebulan.

Time tu dah almost redha tak dapat join diorang reunion. Lagi 2 hari rasanya before reunion, sajalah dok usha tiket dekat apps AirAsia Big Loyalty. Sekali diorang tengah buat promo 90% off rasanya. Points for one way ticket masa tu cuma 1000 points instead of the lowest usual, 6500. So, return tickets to KL only costs me 2000 points AA dan tambahan RM30 sahaja (RM15/way untuk airport tax). Apalagi, cepat-cepatlah booked flight ticket, and there! I'm ready to board in less than 2 days.

Murah sangat kau RM30 je for return flights from KCH-KUL-KCH. Selalunya, paling cikai pun harga dia around RM100++ almost RM200. Tu paling cikai. okay.

Masa final call sale for AA flights (using AA bigpoint), memang sangat worth beli tiket flight bila ada points AA. Tak rugi kumpul, serius!

Joinlah, boleh kita sama-sama flying high to the sky! :)

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Travelogue: Terengganu – Day 6

15 September 2016

So, we already on our last day here in Terengganu. We woke up early and went to Batu Burok Beach to find a breakfast there. After keeping our tummy full, we took our own sweet time strolling the beach, taking pictures and be grateful to Allah S.W.T. for this beautiful view in front of us.

About an hour later, we already on our way to Masjid Kristal for our last activity, taking a cruise around TTI’s river. Actually to take the cruise, you need to go to a building not far from Masjid Kristal. It’s not located exactly at Masjid Kristal. Lucky we realize this earlier, or else we would missed the first cruise. We have to take the earliest trip since we had just few hours before our flight back to KL.

The cruise

One before going on the cruise

The trip took around an hour. There will be a tour guide on board and he will explained briefly about the things we saw around such as a small island, the boats, the jetty and all. We also got a chance to take a whole picture of Masjid Kristal as closer as we can from inside the cruise. Masjid Kristal looks so beautiful.

Crystal Mosque; view from the cruise

Finished with the tour, we stopped by at the souvenir and quickly bought some souvenir before going to the car and off to the airport.

Ticket price; for references

At the airport, my mom’s and dad’s friends was already there to send us off. It’s a working day and yet, they freed some of their time to meet us there. I’m both grateful and happy. We spent every last minutes together with both friends before we finally went inside the departure hall. And that, finally marks the end of our trip to Terengganu.

Goodbye Terengganu!

This trip also marks the completion of my trip to all states in Malaysia.
Alhamdulillah for the rezqi :)

p/s: My grammar are so so bad, I know. I mixed present tense with past tense with past present tense, but I’m glad to finally finished writing this Terengganu journal, after one and a half year since the trip ended. What?! Hahaha.
p/s: I almost give up writing this journal in English because I think that I didn’t express my feeling and emotion well and deeply from heart. But I also think that this is the least thing I can do to makes my English better, which is to keep using English even though it’s a broken one.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Travelogue: Terengganu – Day 5

14 September 2016

We woke up early and check-out from the room earlier than the suppose check-out time since we are going back to Kuala Terengganu. Before that, we stopped by at my friend’s house to take our belonging which we left behind yesterday. We spent another hour talking and bonding between the two families since it’s not easy for us to meet unless we’re going to each other’s place.

Arrived at Kuala Terengganu, we made another quick trip to laundry before heading to our homestay to check in. Then, we went out to Pasar Payang and PakSu Keropok Lekor to buy some keropok ikan and keropok lekor here. At PakSu’s, we stopped by to eat freshly fried original keropok lekor and cheese keropok lekor. It’s seriously delicious, I love it! We love it!
We went to Masjid Kristal next to perform Maghrib prayer before going to Batu Burok Beach to eat dinner. I tried Prawn Char Kuey Tiaw, the famous Ikan Celup Tepung (ICT) and Sotong Goreng Tepung. Not bad, but I think the taste is almost similar to the common fried fish. Well, that’s my opinion.

Cheezy Keropok Lekor

Ikan Celup Tepong and Sotong Celup Tepong

We ended our day for the day with a drink from CoolBlog.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Travelogue: Bukit Gambang, Pahang – Day 4

13 September 2016

We woke up early today since we are going to Bukit Gambang, yay! A 2D 1N trip to Bukit Gambang is one of the initial plan that we have. We already booked everything actually. But, since we are changing our plan to Terengganu, we thought that we didn’t have enough time to cover this place. So except for the entrance tickets which we’ve already bought, we canceled our booking for one of the family room there. It was a day before Eid-Adha that we decided to just go having fun at Bukit Gambang. Last minute booking for a room, the price has gone higher. Sigh. But never mind that, as long as we can enjoy ourselves.

After having a breakfast with my friend’s family, we started our journey to Bukit Gambang. The journey took around 2 hours 30 minutes from Dungun. We reached there around 11, and we went straight to the waterpark. After confirming our entrance tickets, we went inside and put our stuffs inside the locker room before starts playing in the water. If I’m not mistaken, we have to reload a card to be used to buy foods/drinks, to rent a pelampung, to rent a locker and so on. All transaction will be done using the card. And before you go out from the waterpark, you can claimed your unused money at the counter.

Hello, Bukit Gambang!

In front of the waterpark

The waterpark is not as big as Sunway Lagoon, and there are not so many places inside the waterpark where you can play sliding and all with the pelampung, but it is still enjoyable. There are not so many people during our time there, so we got to play at each sliding places for a several time. What makes it more memorable was, my parents too, played the sliding together with us. The kids are having fun, so do the parents.

4 hours playing in the waterpark, we started to get tired. So, we wrapped up things at the waterpark, bought some souvenirs at the souvenir’s shop near the entrance and headed to the hotel to check in. Settled with check-in procedure, we went to our room and rest for a while. My skin got burnt a lot. The worst part was, I didn’t used any sunblock beforehand. Gotta take some time for my skin to fully recover from this burn.

Next, we headed to Safari Tour but before that! We went to the nearest restaurant to fill in our hungry tummy and re-energized. After bought the tickets to Safari Tour, we went inside hurriedly since we are already late for the tour. We almost missed the bus which will take us for the animal tour. After half begging the staffs, they allowed us to rode the very last bus for the tour that day. Feeling happy and grateful, we rode the bus to the next station where we will change to a special safety bus to finally take us to the animal tour.

At the station, we need to queue and wait for the bus to come. While waiting, my youngest sister took her chance to try riding a camel. The fee is RM10 for one round. About half an hour later, it’s our turn to ride the bus and finally starts touring these animal places. It took us a little over an hour to complete the tour.

In front of Safari Park

The King

Anyeong, Jong Kook!

It's a tram actually

After finished with safari tour, we come back to the place where we took our first bus. We’ll go watch an awesome performance next, inside the hall. While waiting for the performance to start, we grabbed a quick bite and went to feed the elephant. We met Linda Rafar there, and my mom and youngest sister doesn’t let go the chance to take a picture with her. We then went straight to the hall since the performance was about to start.

Elephant's feeding

The performance was indeed the best. It’s making us laughing all the way, the actors was amazing, and the performance was lit. Everything was just so good. We left the hall with a happy heart. Since it’s already night and we drained ourselves the whole day, we decided to go back to our room and rest. We’ll have another hectic day tomorrow.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Travelogue: Terengganu – Day 3

12 September 2016

Happy Eid-Adha!
We woke up early today. My dad and my brother went to the mosque to perform Eid-Adha prayer, while the girls are preparing things at home. We moved out again today, later on the afternoon to go to Dungun, to my friend’s house.

After my dad and my brother done performing Eid-Adha prayer, they picked us at home and we went straight to my dad’s friend’s house for breakfast and for the next activity, qurban. It’s was my first time seeing qurban live in front of my two eyes, so I was quite excited. 4 cows were down for qurban. This event were so meaningful for me. I saw the struggle of the cows to escape from the rope that tied them up. I saw some cows are really looking sad as if they know they were about to leave the world. I saw how close these people are, gathered together at the morning of Eid Adha, smiling and chatting, sharing foods and all. Actually, we have all these scenario at my hometown. But I never really get to experience it myself except for eating foods together. I have never went to see with my own eyes how ibadah qurban was performed.

I tried to add a video of the qurban, but it seems there's an error since the video is over 100 MB, so I added a photo of myself instead ;)

About half an hour later, we excused ourselves as we have to go to Dungun. The journey is a little bit over one hour. We dropped by the laundry before drove to my friend’s house. This friend is someone I know during my Master’s Degree. We are quite close and regularly keep in touch, so when she know that I’m coming over to Terengganu, she invited us to stay at her home. At first, I was a bit reluctant since I’m not going there alone, but with my family. But, she and her family insisted us to stay overnight, and after discussing about it with my family, we decided to accept the offer. It’s one of the way to bond the two family, so why not?

Later that evening, we went to Teluk Gadung, a beach located in front of UITM Dungun, if I’m not mistaken. These students are really lucky to have a beautiful beach right in front of their university. The beach are beautiful. We spend about an hour there strolling over the beach and chit-chatting. Well, it’s been a while since I met my friend, so there’s a lot to talk about.

One with Ika :)

That night, we are having a barbecue in front of the house with beefs they got after the qurban. I really love barbecue but never really got a chance to do it regularly. We talked, ate and stuffed our not-so-empty tummy to the fullest before going to bed. Having a full tummy right before you sleep is not so healthy hmmm but who cares? As long as we are happy :)

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Travelogue: Terengganu – Day 2

11 September 2016

We started our day a bit late since we had a hard time to wake up early. We went out to have breakfast cum lunch at Pantai Batu Burok, when my mom’s best friend back in UK came to meet us there. After filling up our tummies, we headed to Pantai Batu Burok and strolling down the beach in a hot weather. Well, what do you expect? It’s noon.

Pantai Batu Burok

About an hour after, we parted our way. My family and I headed back to our house to pack our thing before move to the other house, where it is nearer to my dad’s friend’s house. We are going to celebrate Eid-Adha with their family tomorrow, that’s why.

At night after Maghrib prayer, we went to Benteng Restaurant at Taman Tamadun Islam to have our dinner with my mom’s friend and her family.

Maghrib prayer here. Soooooo beautiful.

Our first day in Terengganu was a bit hectic and short since we have to check out of the former homestay and check in to a new homestay, so we didn’t have much time to go here and there.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Travelogue: Kuala Lumpur – Day 1

*Okay, I know it's been more than a year since the trip, but I still need to post my sharing on this blog*

9 September 2016

Our flight was the last flight of the day, and when my cousin heard that we are going to stay at Kuala Lumpur for the night, he offered his house as our resting place. Being a bit hesitate at first thinking we might be a burden, we finally stayed at my cousin’s house at Subang Jaya after he succeed at persuading my parents. Our bus to Kuala Terengganu will take off tomorrow at noon. So, we won’t have to rush to the bus terminal from his house, plus he promised to send us off to the terminal.

We arrived at KLIA nearly 12.00am, and my cousin already waiting outside the airport. We arrived his home around 1.00am, went directly to the room and after 15 minutes my sister and I already dozed off.

10 September 2016

After having breakfast with my cousin and his wife, we are getting ready to depart to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). At TBS, there was a huge crowd waiting in line to buy their tickets. I am really glad that I’ve booked the tickets online, so I just have to go to the online counter to take my reserved tickets.

Bus came in few minutes late, but never mind that. I am just so happy to go travel with my family, and the fact that we looks like them people who are excited going home for Eid Adha celebration double the excitement.

Stopped here for an hour for a toilet break and filling the hungry tummy 

Snack on bus

Since there are so many cars on the road going to their own destination, we were stuck in a jammed at Karak highway for more than an hour. The estimated time for us to arrive Kuala Terengganu was supposed to be at 7.00pm, however we arrived only at 10.30pm. It took us almost 10 hours journey which definitely exhausted us even though we have done nothing in the bus except for eating, sitting and sleeping.

After 10 long hours journey, finallyyy

Thursday, 24 August 2017

The Aftermath

“The Aftermath”

8 months since that day
The day I cut all ties between us without you knowing
I thought I bear it well
Yeah I know I bear it well
Though I try to reconnect with you in any way possible
Few times, few times
Though sometime I desperately wanted to know your updates
Though I can easily asked my friends about you
But I keep my heart strong
I barely succeed in restraining myself from asking around

Things are hard to handle in the beginning
Slowly, I become adapted to the change
No more stalking, no more getting hurt
No more baseless jealousy, no more one sided love
My mind is more at ease now

I keep on praying to ALLAH S.W.T.
If you were meant for me
Please keep our distance close
And if we are not meant to be together
May it happen otherwise
Month after month, I finally see the answer of my prayer
And it’s the latter

No hatred, no sadness
I will accept it with all my heart
I believe it’s the best for both you and me

If one day we ever meet again
Somewhere in this world
I hope you will understand
If I can’t greet you well
Or when I choose not to greet you at all
Because between us there lies a story
The hidden memories

Nevertheless, let’s hope those two to be the last choices
Cause I wish
I really wish
And I sincerely hope
We can greet each other with smile and laughter
While reminiscing the good old days
Before love completely changed it all

24th August 2017; 3.22 pm 

Thursday, 25 May 2017

YouGov survey - Cara mudah mendapatkan AirAsia Big points [updated 26/10/2017]

Jadi harini aku nak ajar korang macam mana nak kumpul AirAsia BIG Points dengan cara yang mudah dan tak payah keluarkan duit walau satu sen dengan hanya menjawab survey questions. Yes, survey questions.

Tapi harus diingatkan, semakin banyak points yang ditawarkan bagi sesuatu survey, semakin panjang soalan dan masa yang diperlukan untuk menyelesaikan survey tersebut. Harap bersabar ya masa menjawab soalan-soalan survey tersebut. Jangan risau, setakat pengalaman aku menjawab survey ni, kalau tak silap paling lama pun 20-30 minit. Anggap je for fun, sambil-sambil boleh menambah ilmu pengetahuan. Dan masa jawab soalan survey tu, bagilah jawapan seikhlas dan sejujur yang mungkin. Survey ni sebenarnya agak penting jugak la.

Sesiapa pun boleh join asalkan korang ada talian internet (talian internet yang pantas merupakan bonus buat korang) dan telefon pintar/komputer/laptop di sisi.

Ada tiga langkah mudah untuk korang jawab survey dan dapat AirAsia BIG Points ni.

Langkah pertama (Daftar akaun YouGov Malaysia):

Mula-mula, korang tekan link di bawah. Link tersebut akan bawa korang direct ke laman web YouGov Malaysia.

Kemudian, korang create profile korang sendiri. Masukkan segala maklumat yang diperlukan. Alah, lebih kurang je cara macam nak buat akaun email, akaun facebook and so on.

Langkah kedua (Jawab Soalan Survey):

Jawab survey yang diberikan. Selalunya, pihak YouGov akan menghantar link survey ke akaun email korang. Jadi korang boleh directly klik link tersebut atau pun dengan log masuk ke website YouGov untuk menjawab survey tersebut. As for kekerapan soalan survey yang dihantar kepada korang, korang boleh tetapkan sendiri. Pilihlah nak seminggu sekali ke, sebulan sekali ke ataupun nak sekerap yang mungkin.

Macam ni lah lebih kurang email yang YouGov akan hantar kat korang each time ada survey yang available.

Macam aku, disebabkan aku nak kumpul points sebanyak yang mungkin, aku pilih nak jawab survey sekerap yang mungkin.

Antara surveys yang aku dah jawab.

Ingat! Lagi banyak survey yang korang jawab, lagi banyak points yang korang boleh kumpul.

Langkah ketiga (Reedem Reward):

Part yang ni lah yang paling best!

Once korang dah berjaya kumpul 5,000 points dekat akaun YouGov korang, bolehlah redeem reward!

Less than two weeks dari tarikh aku redeem, points BIG points AirAsia masuk dah. Yay!!

Sebenarnya, selain daripada boleh redeem 2,500 points AirAsia BIG Points, ada tiga lagi rewards yang ditawarkan; Zalora E-Gift Voucher worth RM75, SG$25 (or equivalent) Paypal dan UNICEF Donation 5,000 points.

Dah ada 5000 points, bolehlah redeem mana-mana items yang berkenan di hati.

Korang bolehlah pilih ikut mana yang korang nak. Macam aku, haruslah aku kumpul point untuk AirAsia BIG Points kan! Hehe.

[UPDATED 26/10/2017]

Kalau sesiapa yang baru daftar akaun YouGov tu, korang mesti perasan yang salah satu reward yang boleh korang redeem iaitu Zalora E-Gift Voucher worth RM75 dah tak ada seperti yang aku cakap di atas. Tapi, jangan risauuuu.! Ada reward lain yang ditawarkan, iaitu RM 60 Mobile Credit Topup. Best ke tidakkkk? Hihi.

Takde dah Zalora voucher, tapi ada mobile credit topup :)

*End of Updated 26/10/2017*


Bila korang dah daftar akaun untuk YouGov, korang akan dapat unique referral link sendiri (macam link aku kat atas tu). Apabila makin ramai saudara mara, kawan-kawan dan kenalan-kenalan korang yang daftar akaun YouGov menggunakan unique referral link korang, maka makin bertambahlah point YouGov korang.

Dengan syarat, diorang harus melengkapkan 6 surveys terlebih dahulu. Diorang dapat points, korang pun dapat points. Win win situation lah kan. Hehe.

Alhamdulillah. Bertambah points. Terima kasih dekat korang yang join YouGov ni by clicking at my unique referral link :)

So, amacam?
Taknak ke kumpul AirAsia BIG Points banyak-banyak? Dah banyak nanti, bolehlah travel merata. Redeem point je.  Ni bagi yang suka travel la (macam aku).

Hmmm siapa yang suka call orang tu, terutama pengguna prepaid macam aku, bolehlah redeem RM 60 mobile credit topup. Yang tak berapa suka call orang atau cakap dalam phone pun boleh redeem. bolehlah buat langgan internet bulanan. Jimat dah kat situ ;)

Give it a try, okay!

Selamat mencuba!